Course Length:  5 weekly classes
Class Length: 1 hour
Class Size:  3 - 6 dogs
Cost:  $130
Day of the Week:  Monday evenings
Open to:  all dogs 20 weeks & over
Vaccinations:  See Health Policies

To register email

TRAINING TREATS:  bring lots of tiny treats that your dog REALLY loves and do not feed your dog supper before coming out.  Treats should be cut into one-bite sizes equal to approximately the top half of your pinkie nail.

After class ends, enjoy continued support from Janelle by email.

In Good Manners, Janelle McLeod will show you the way to good manners for dogs of all ages, including basic commands (sit, stay, come, off, and leave it), leash handling techniques, and how to meet-and-greet people, children, and other dogs politely.  You will also be taught about impulse control, self-calming, and settling.

You will learn all about positive reinforcement training, how it works, and how to do it properly.  There will be an introduction to operant conditioning, classical conditioning, and clicker training. Dominance Theory will be discussed.


You will also learn strategies for handling problem behaviours such as leash pulling, leash reactivity, excessive barking, resource guarding, separation anxiety, sensitivities, and fears.

Your relationship with your dog will be transformed as you are shown how you can better communicate and better meet your dog's needs.  You will learn the basics about canine body language and signals.  You will learn about proper socialization and play behaviours, and what is and is not acceptable play.

Janelle McLeod
BA (Hons), MA