Class Length: 2 hours
Class Size:  3 - 6 dogs
Cost:  $40 + tax (cash, cheque, or e-transfer)

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Going for a walk with your dog may be one of your favourite ways of relaxing and exercising, but it can quickly turn very stressful when you encounter another dog. You may have a happy, energetic dog who loves to play ball and have his/her tummy rub, but when on a leash and spots another dog, barks, growls, and lunges. What began as a calm walk can become downright dangerous.

How and why has your lovely dog turned so aggressive? Grounded in behavioral science theory and the “laws of learning”, we are going to explore the reasons why dogs develop such behaviours and how to begin re-training them into Good Mannered dogs. Based on positive reinforcement, these classes are geared to teach dogs to associate other dogs with positive things, and to teach dogs that good behavior in the presence of other dogs will be rewarded. One way these classes differ from regular obedience classes is that everyone in them is in the same boat, and therefore willing to work together to overcome their dogs’ problems.

In this aggression-retraining program, unpleasant or punishing training methods are avoided as much as possible. Instead, you will learn to control your dog’s behavour by putting the dog on what is known as the “No Free Lunch” regimen. We will work on aversive behaviours such as possessiveness, leash reactivity, and biting. We will also look at the different levels of dog bites, what they mean and how to avoid them. With a focus on canine body language, you will learn how to keep your dog’s attention on you in fun and interactive ways and how to build on creating a calm dog with set boundaries!