Kitz & Canine – Philosophy & Methods 

Dogs are motivated by food, toys, praise, attention and life rewards such as sniffing a tree, meeting a person or another dog, or running off leash. Kitz & Canine will show you how to use what your dog finds rewarding to increase the frequency of the behaviours you like and reduce the behaviours you don’t. They will also help change how your dog feels in situations where they are anxious or scared.

Dog training can be simple once you understand why dogs do what they do! Kitz & Canine can help you achieve this understanding and coach you through
the process.

Their training focuses on modern, dog friendly, science based methods and the belief that the way to build a strong relationship is through positive reinforcement, not harsh punishment.

Cindy’s love of dogs goes back many years. When her first Great Dane Evy came into her life, she began to realize how important training was to both of them. The initial meeting between Evy and her future husbands Border Collie Shadie did not go as she would have hoped, which led her to seek out professional help to see what could be done to work out their differences. From the first consult, she was hooked and made the decision to professionally pursue her passion. In 2009, Cindy started apprenticing in group classes, behaviour consults and one on one training, which quickly led to teaching on her own. In addition to Kitz & Canine, Cindy currently teaches puppy, life skills and nosework classes for Paws Dog Solutions and works as a part time Behaviour Counselor and class instructor, at the Winnipeg Humane Society.

Cindy shares her home with her husband and their two dogs, Shadie and Sawyer. Cindy is actively training in many classes with both Shadie and Sawyer including life skills, rally obedience, and nosework.​


The Little Dog House is proud to refer private training requests
​to Cindy Kitz-Morris at Kitz & Canine.

Cindy Kitz-Morris CPDT-KA, Owner/Trainer

Cindy is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) who believes strongly in continuing education. She loves nothing more than to dig into many different dog training and behaviour books, seminars and webinars. Her knowledge and passion for dog behaviour will aid clients in forming a lasting relationship with their dogs, based on mutual trust and understanding.

Cindy has attended two Canine Sport Scent Detection seminars in Winnipeg as well as a Treibball seminar in Wisconsin. She attended the Association of Professional Dog Trainers conferences in San Diego, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada as well as The Pet Professional Guild Summit in Tampa, Florida. She is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild and believes in a force free and fear free training philosophy.

Services include Private Training, Day Training, Puppy Jump Start, Dog Walking and Mid-Day Visits

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