PLAY is available through
The Little Dog House and,
​unless otherwise specified, the play opportunities are provided by organizers independent of The Little Dog House. 

Participating together in activities at The Little Dog House can enrich your dog's life while allowing you to be present to ease the anxiety. 

​Contact the organizers directly for more information and registration.

Partners in Paws Winter Playgroup dates are:
Jan 28, Feb 4, 11, 25, Mar 11, 25

Partners in Paws Playgroup is run independently by Janelle McLeod.
This playgroup is for sociable dogs, and members are provided with off-leash play opportunities outdoors during the summer months

and indoor play during the winter months.

There are 2 separate groups, one for big dogs and one for small dogs.

For more information, email ~

or visit her groups on facebook:


Small dog playgroup:

Best Furry Friends Playgroup is run independently by daycare staff member,
​​Lisa McCaffrey. 

This playgroup is for small, sociable dogs, and members are provided

with off-leash play opportunities indoors (at The Little Dog House) 

during some winter months.

email ~

Out of the Doghouse offers pack walks for small dogs and their owners.

It is run independently by Renee Morin.

NOTE: Out of the Doghouse is not currently accepting new members for the Summer 2017 season, but check back in 2018!!

email ~

Big dog