Class Length: 2 hours
Class Size:  3 - 6 dogs
Cost:  $40 + tax (cash, cheque, or e-transfer)

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Bringing a new dog into your home, you go through all the emotions: excitement, expectation, love, fear, confusion and eventually calm. It is a rollercoaster made more difficult by the fact that you brought home a rescue dog that often turns out to be not quite the dog you thought they were. Few things are more rewarding than being able to adopt a rescue dog; though they often do come with some unique challenges.  Their lives have been turned upside-down, they are scared and are often coming out of a situation that was intimidating and uncomfortable. When you bring them home, be prepared for the transition period. It can take rescue dogs days to months to realize they are in a safe and loving environment. After working through it myself and talking numerous clients through adventures with new dogs over the years, the following are some lessons learned.

We will cover such issues as separation anxiety, boundaries, fear, confidence building, and much, much more.

Realizing that your dog is likely to change a lot over those first few months after you bring him/her home. As dogs get more comfortable in an environment their true selves start to shine thru. Take the changes as they come and remember that this is their way of showing that they know they are home to stay!