Class Length: 2 hours
Class Size:  3 - 6 dogs
Cost:  $40 + tax (cash, cheque, or e-transfer)

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One of the most misunderstood emotions dogs experience is fear. Recent studies have shown that fear, not aggression, is the leading cause of dog bites. Many dog owners lack the knowledge to recognize when our dogs are in a fearful or anxious state. What do you do if you have a dog that doesn’t want to meet or play with other dogs? Does your dog hide and shake when strangers are around? Do you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety or becomes extremely distressed when you leave the room?

Some dogs are just naturally shy, and that’s okay ;) We will discuss how dogs experience fear and ask ourselves, can you actually take that fear away (for example, fear of thunder)? We will look at canine body language to identify when your dog is in a fearful state, and to what degree. We will go over the importance of socialization and safe ways to expose your dogs to stimuli that is fearful with positive reinforcement.

In this class, you will learn about the various levels of dog bites, why they happen and how to avoid them! You will learn various confidence building and focusing games that are fun and entertaining for you and your dog. In addition, we will review calming techniques you can do, such as the Tellington Touch, using a Thunder Shirt, and discuss medications and if that’s the right choice?