The Little Dog House Team

Garth & Lee adopted their first dog, Chewie, in 2009. Soon after came Brandie – and it was decided –
​a dog's life was for them! Garth & Lee have a companion relationship with their dogs – built on mutual respect, positive reinforcement, repetition, routine, and of course love.

Garth has been supervising dogs in groups since 2012 when the daycare opened its doors. He is a quiet man with a calm energy that draws all dogs to him and promotes a playful, but easy-going atmosphere in the daycare.  All Garth wants is for the dogs to have fun when they are under his watch and he makes an effort with every individual dog to give them attention and affection on the level they prefer.

Lee is the business manager at The Little Dog House and is involved in all aspects of operating the center. In her spare time, she volunteers for various rescues whenever she can and has attended spay & neuter clinics in Manitoba communities with various rescue groups. 

Lee & Garth make a great team and are proud of all that The Little Dog House has accomplished!

Brenda RossDaycare Attendant

Brenda has lived with dogs her entire life, which explains her natural calm and gentle demeanour with all our daycare dogs. She is especially comforting to shy, quiet dogs who share her special energy.
Brenda and her husband Dave have 2 grown sons (Sheldon & Rob), and their family includes 3 dogs (Leroy, Chevy and Jasmine) and 1 cat (Reggie). Throughout their lives together, they have raised several dogs from puppyhood, and have fostered and found homes for many strays - even adopting a few of them.  
Brenda is a human and animal rights activist who supports organizations such as Amnesty International, Mercy For Animals, and Animal Place, to name just a few.

Daniel MeubDaycare Attendant

Daniel is currently in grade 12 at Fort Richmond Collegiate and works at the daycare after school assisting with pickups. He really loves working with dogs and learning about their behaviour. 

Daniel enjoys playing sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball. He loves all animals (except for ostriches!) 
and has 3 cats as well as a dog. He has 2 brothers and a sister and has lived in Winnipeg all his life.

Daniel brings a wonderful calm cheerful energy into our daycare and we are so happy to have him as part of our pack!

Garth & Lee Wilcox, Owners

Janelle McLeod

Partners in Paws Playgroup Organizer​


Janelle’s training philosophy is based on current, up-to-the-moment research and techniques garnered from a variety of sources and personal experience raising, rescuing, fostering, and working with many different dogs.  A few of her influences include:  Jean Donaldson, Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, and Dr. Ian Dunbar.  

Janelle has direct experience working with dogs that have various behavioural challenges, especially puppy mill survivors with their unique needs.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and and a Master of Arts in Sociology, and uses her educational background in behaviour modification, operant conditioning, and positive reinforcement as the foundation for dog training.

Janelle's mission is to help educate dog owners of more progressive, positive techniques in dog training that will foster a mutually respectful, cohesive, and companionable relationship between dogs and their people, never using force, fear, intimidation, physical manipulation, or coercive tools and equipment.

Rob RossDaycare Attendant

Rob joined our team in Summer 2018. He opens up the daycare bright & early every morning, and helps our daycare dogs get their day started.

Rob has had dogs in his family his entire life, and it shows in the way he relates with them! He is so comfortable around them, and they really appreciate his calm & quiet demeanour.

Rob is a bona fide animal lover. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, music, camping, exploring the wilderness, golfing, and watching tv & movies.

Matthew MeubDaycare Attendant

Matthew is a dog lover, and the daycare dogs are more than happy to reciprocate!
Most of our pictures of Matthew show him surrounded by dogs who cannot get enough of him.

Matthew has 1 dog and 3 cats at home. His hobbies include working on cars and other vehicles, and playing video games.

Matthew is working on completing his secondary schooling & becoming a mechanic.  
He currently works part-time at the daycare and regularly fills in for other attendants who are away on vacation.
​We are so happy to have him as part of our team!

Karen O'Quinn
​Adv BA, CPDT-KA, CTC Honours
Certified Trainer/Behaviour Specialist

Beginning with her first dog, Bailey, adopted from Winnipeg Animal Services, Karen has spent decades working with dogs and been involved in Obedience, Rally O, Agility, Tracking, and Pet Therapy.  She has worked and volunteered services in animal shelters, including working as a trainer and a volunteer Canine Rehabilitator with the Behaviour Department at the Winnipeg Humane Society. .

Karen studied with Jean Donaldson at the San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy, known in the industry as “the Harvard of dog training”, and earned her Certificate of Training and Counselling  Honours (CTC). She has also earned the designation Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), and maintains a full membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and mentors for the Animal Behaviour College.

Karen's philosophy is based on the science of learning, using reward-based methods and focusses on the quality of the relationship between dogs and their owners.  Her goal is to open the lines of communication between owners and their dogs through training and education. 

Renee Morin

Out of the Doghouse Playgroup Organizer

Renee has been involved with dogs since 2005. Being a wonderful Gal Pal to her dogs, Chloe and Spencer, she believes that the best dog-person relationship is one of partnership built with kindness, consideration, and the mutual respect that comes with using positive training methods and understanding canine body language and communication. 

Renee has a Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours degree in Psychology, with training in Behaviour Modification and Applications, and a solid understanding of how learning best takes place. She has great interest in socialization, companion dog training, preventing problem behaviours, and providing education and advice on all things dog-related.

Renee is a consultant for the daycare and our online voice as she is a great contributor to our website, blog, and Facebook page.  In her spare time, Renee is the organizer of Out of the Doghouse Small Dog Playgroup (

Photo credit: Kayla-Marie Hoskins

Lisa McCaffreyGroomer, Grooming Salon Manager, Daycare Attendant

Lisa and her husband, Greg, share their home with 2 yorkies – "The Balboas" – Rocky & Adrian.

Lisa is an expert on supervising dogs' play – and she really enjoys encouraging good interactions and building their confidence as they learn to play with others. Lisa is especially skillful at soothing anxious dogs at daycare. Many dogs spend their first day with Lisa and are put at ease by her gentle demeanor.

Lisa is the main groomer & manager of our new Grooming Salon! Her method of grooming dogs is gentle, low stress handling without restraints whenever possible. Her overall knowledge of dog health & physical wellness provides her with a great knowledge base for dog grooming. Her training is extensive and you will be leaving your dog in great hands with her.