Lisa SlaterDaycare Attendant

Lisa grew up with animals her whole life, and currently shares her home with a 17 year old cat (Tech),
a 13 year old yorkie poodle (Charlie) and recently adopted an 8 year old pom pug (Bruno).

During her spare time, you will find Lisa at the rink playing hockey, or cuddled up on the couch
watching tv shows with her mom. She also loves to paint and tries to do so whenever she can.

Lisa works at a corn maze during the summer, walking and caring for the ponies.
She's been horseback riding since the age of 6, and has been a horse groomer for several years.

Garth & Lee Wilcox, Owners

Garth has been supervising dogs in groups since the daycare opened. All Garth wants is for the dogs to have fun when they are under his watch and to give them affection at the level they prefer.

Lee is the business manager at The Little Dog House and is involved in all aspects of operating the center. 

Lee & Garth make a great team and are proud of all that The Little Dog House has accomplished!
They share their home with Chewie, a 15 year old lhasa apso mix, as well as all the daycare dogs who are sleepover guests at Chez Wilcox.

Leslie Goertz, Daycare Attendant

​Leslie has always had a love for animals, and has had dogs all her life. 
She currently has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Reptar, and they do everything together. 

She started working with dogs in 2018 as a dog groomer and part time daycare attendant. Her passion for dogs grew, and she went on to get her Pet First Aid certificate through St Johns Ambulance, as well as becoming a Certified Canadian Canine Bathing Technician.  At The Little Dog House Leslie loves spending time with the dogs
​and getting to know their unique personalities, ​playing games and building their confidence. 

In her spare time she loves learning about ethnocynology and the human canine relationship throughout history,
​hiking with her dog Reptar, and playing and learning musical instruments. 

Maya FontaineDaycare Attendant

Growing up, Maya always had animals around her whether it be dogs, cats, hamsters or snakes, she always felt she had a connection with them. She currently helps her family take care of 2 chihuahua crosses - Pepper and Lola.

Maya's favourite part about being a daycare auntie is getting to see their playful personalities unravel the longer she plays with the dogs and forming strong, trusting bonds with them.

When not at work you can find Maya traveling, baking, writing or playing with her dogs at home.

Addie MillerDaycare Attendant

Addie works Thursdays & Fridays and picks up other shifts when available. 
​She also performs our deep cleaning on the weekend.

Addie has been a dog owner her entire life, and currently shares her home with 2 dogs, Harvey and Max.

Addie has a very positive, playful energy and the dogs react to this so well! It's a great energy to bring to the center toward the end of the week when we throw the biggest parties and end the week with a bang!! 

Carla NeumannDaycare Attendant

Carla absolutely ADORES dogs and couldn't think of a better way to spend her days than taking care
of the dogs in our center and helping to provide a safe and structured environment for them.

Her goal is to always give each daycare dog the best day possible while away from their humans.
​We are so happy to have Carla as part of our team!!

Carla & her husband Brian spend their free time seeking adventures like boating, kayaking, planning home renovations and traveling. Clearly Carla likes to be on the move!!

 Sarah SchroederDaycare Attendant

Sarah is a high school student who works at the daycare after school a few days a week.
She has lived in the area her entire life and loves it!

Sarah is a natural when interacting with the daycare dogs, and has earned their trust very quickly. 
At home she has a cat, but loves dogs and hopes to have one of her own one day.

When Sarah's not at school, or spending time with the daycare dogs, she enjoys drawing, reading, writing, ​
​and hanging out with her friends.

Dallas KaedingDaycare Attendant

Dallas opens the daycare most mornings, with a bright & cheery personality that sets the tone for the day!

She loves playing with the dogs and making sure everyone is having a great time. 

Dallas shares her home with 2 rescue dogs – Riel and Abby – and 2 rescue cats named Ducky & Squishy.
​She is also a server / supervisor at One Great City (hey pooches, they have a dog friendly patio!!!)

Dallas loves to spend her spare time with her fur family and her friends, and she loves to travel to warm and exciting places whenever she can.