Cindy HildebrandSocial Media Coordinator

Although Cindy's official title is "Social Media Lady", she wears many hats at the center! Cindy handles all our social media platforms, most daycare & grooming bookings and she can also be found in the center on the floor with the dogs!

Cindy's educational background is in law (assistant) but her passion for all animals has her spending most of her time advocating for them. Cindy & her husband Jeff started Popcorns & Binkies Rescue Haven in 2017, after volunteering in various rescue groups in Winnipeg.

Cindy & Jeff have a feisty little shih tzu, Missy, and a Heinz 57 terrier mix, Maddie, as well as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs as pets at home. ​​In her spare time (which clearly there is not that much of) Cindy loves to travel.

Garth & Lee adopted their first dog together, Chewie, in 2009. Soon after came Brandie – and it was decided – a dog's life was for them!

Garth has been supervising dogs in groups since 2012 when the daycare opened its doors. ​All Garth wants is for the dogs to have fun when they are under his watch and to give them  affection on the level they prefer.

Lee is the business manager at The Little Dog House and is involved in all aspects of operating the center. 

Lee & Garth make a great team and are proud of all that The Little Dog House has accomplished!

Brenda RossDaycare Attendant

Brenda has lived with dogs her entire life, which explains her natural calm and gentle demeanour with all our daycare dogs. She is especially comforting to shy, quiet dogs who share her special energy.
Brenda and her husband Dave have 2 grown sons (Sheldon & Rob), and their family includes a dog (Jazzy) and 2 cats (Reggie & BC). Throughout their lives together, they have raised several dogs from puppyhood, and have fostered and found homes for many strays - even adopting a few of them.  
Brenda is a human and animal rights activist who supports organizations such as Amnesty International, Mercy For Animals, and Animal Place, to name just a few.

Rob RossDaycare Attendant

Rob joined our team in Summer 2018. He opens up the daycare bright & early every morning, and helps our daycare dogs get their day started.

Rob has had dogs in his family his entire life, and it shows in the way he relates with them! He is so comfortable around them, and they really appreciate his calm & quiet demeanour.

Rob is a bona fide animal lover. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, music, camping, exploring the wilderness, golfing, and watching tv & movies.

Garth & Lee Wilcox, Owners

Gabriella Racano, Groomer

Gabriella has over 5 years of grooming experience in various settings and it shows in her skills & interactions with all the dogs in our center.

​Gabriella is one of only 3 groomers in the Winnipeg area who are Fear Free Certified Grooming Professionals, which focusses on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.

While Gabriella is not performing jaw-dropping makeovers on our fluffy friends, she loves to visit the dog park with Ezra & Saki. She also enjoys playing video games and creating art. 

Along with Ezra & Saki, Gabriella & her partner Tristan also share their home with 2 cats – Kitty & Mara!


Anna MeubDaycare Attendant

Anna works part time afternoons as a daycare attendant and attends high school. She & her family have 3 cats (Dante, Morty & Milo) and a rescue dog, Tala. 

Anna loves to read, draw, paint & spend time with her family & friends. After graduation, she is interested in pursuing a career as a vet nurse. She has a very easy going nature, and her calm energy influences all those around her.

Anna's favourite animal is a deer, which is pretty interesting, considering her long legs and dainty frame. She brings a sweet charm to our center, and we are so happy to have her as part of our team.