Flooring - Our Reception area and Quiet Room are floored with antimicrobial, cushion vinyl to provide a sanitary surface of moderate traction.  Our hall and Play/Training Room are coated in epoxy. 
​It is pet-safe, used in kennels and veterinary facilities, water-proof, leak-proof, bacteria and mold resistant, and provides moderate traction which is recommended for dogs as too much traction can damage bones and joints and injure paw pads whereas too little traction results in sprains, pulls, and tears.

Double-Gates - We utilize gates, doors, and split dutch doors for extra security. The layout of our rooms and gates allows us to ensure that no loose dogs have access to the front door when daycare attendants are handling drop-offs ​or pick-ups. 

Outdoor Potty Patch - our playroom door opens onto a safe and secure, fully fenced dog run where the dogs are taken regularly throughout the day to potty and get some sun and air (fully supervised at all times).

Convenient Parking - spots are reserved right outside our front door for drop-offs
and pick-ups.  No busy streets. Parking is also available along McGillivray Place.

Meet-and-Greets - We meet each dog and pet parent before the dog is booked into daycare.  It is a casual meet-and-greet where the pet parent can check out our space and ask us questions and we can get to know the dog. 

Call or email anytime to book

your meet-and-greet:  204-505-3644

or smalldogcenter@gmail.com

In-depth Application - which includes general information about the owner and the dog, including health status, vaccination history, background, temperament, socialization skills, and many questions simply to help us give your dog the best daycare experience possible.  We also include a Medical Release, General Release, and Participant Waiver.

In addition to being designated for small dogs only and providing a cozy, home-like space, The Little Dog House has many other features that make it special.


Individualized Attention - we are deliberately a small operation, home-style versus gymnasium-style, allowing us to provide individual attention to the dogs
in our care, making your dog feel like they are in a home where each dog is treated
like our own dogs:  as thinking, feeling beings that deserve respect, kindness, affection, attention, positive experiences,
and successes.

First Aid Certified - our staff members
have attended multiple canine first aid courses and have been certified by the
St John Ambulance program. 

A First Aid Kit is ​on the premises at all

times, and Pembina Veterinary Hospital
is only ​a few blocks away. 

Aromatherapy - We use scents and
diffuse blends of essential oils known
to be uplifting and calming, and reduces 
tension, stress, and anxiety in dogs
This is done in a diffuser that is also
​an ionizer, promoting cleaner air.  

Upgraded Ventilation - our ventilation system, including air conditioning follows
the most modern standards to ensure plenty of fresh air is taken into the system.