Jersey started going to daycare at The Little Dog House at 6 months, and he has loved it from the first day. From the beginning, as soon as I said 'daycare' he knew where he was going ran around excitedly, waiting anxiously to go into the car. And almost 2 years later he still does that. The staff are amazing with the dogs, and they truly love them. The best interest and well-being of the dogs
is always most important. I trust them completely with Jersey and I am very comfortable whenever he is there. There is interaction all day – lots of playing, fun picture time, celebrations, and more, and through this,
the dogs are learning how to socialize. And of course, there's quiet time for the dogs that want to rest. Jersey has made so many friends at The Little Dog House . . . the BEST doggy daycare EVER.

~ Karen & Jersey

Lee and Garth are some of the nicest people I have ever met and they have the biggest hearts for dogs I have ever seen. I am grateful for all the extensive tips and advice I have gained from them. To have the socialization aspect to my dogs lives is amazing, exposing them to many different types of people and dogs. My dogs are so important to me, and I would only trust The Little Dog House to care for them. It means a lot and takes a lot of stress away when you feel complete comfort in
a place to care for (not just watch) your pets. And especially a place that specializes in our (sometimes fragile) small breeds!

~ Tamara M​

Nuggets is SO eager to get to the Little Dog House that during the car ride there, he barks at me if I stop at red lights. When we are making the final turn into the parking lot, his tail is wagging and he is almost uncontainable. He shoots like a rocket out of the car door and paws at the door to get in. He doesn't look back when I hand Garth the leash. When I pick him up, he is quite exhausted from all the exercise he gets playing and sleeps for the rest of the day. He loves his fellow little buddies and all the attention he gets from "his people" there. I'm very grateful for the fabulous care they provide!!

~ Kathleen & Nugget​s

Here's what our customers have to say about our services.

Lee and Garth Wilcox are kind, hard-working, helpful and gentle people who never hesitate to lend a hand wherever needed and have always welcomed our dogs, and so many others, into their home. Lee is outgoing and playful with all the dogs and her love is so obvious. Garth quietly looks out for the dogs and does whatever is needed to keep them happy and safe. I can not more highly recommend these people and The Little Dog House.

~ Cindy & Snickers

Lee, Garth are absolutely the most fantastic, caring folks I have ever met. I am awed at how they organize and manage groups while making sure everyone has fun and all dogs are well looked after. They have such a special love and respect for small dogs and just understand our little dogs and know how to treat each one in just the right manner that puts both dogs and owners at ease. The Little Dog House Daycare is absolutely brilliant!

~ Gail & Lacey

I was referred to The Little Dog House by a trainer. My little American Cocker Spaniel, Rocky has issues meeting with new people and other dogs. When I say we are going to day care, he runs to the back door of the house. He knows the route and gets extremely excited the closer we get. Clearly, he is excited to go there.
My experience with all of the staff cannot be better. They are extremely accommodating and the atmosphere is very loving. We are very happy to be part of The Little Dog House.

~ Naomi & Rocky

You can't put a price on peace of mind, and that's what you get when you leave your fur kids with The Little Dog House family. Our dogs are treated like one of the family and loved as we love them.

~ Al & Jelly Bean​

We’ve been taking our little dog to The Little Dog House for a year and a half whenever we needed to be gone more than 4 hours, and she always quivers with anticipation as we drive up to the door. She’s a pretty outgoing dog and has always liked meeting both people and other dogs, so for her, the fun of it all was immediate. What a great alternative to staying home alone all day, especially in the winter where long walks and romps in the parks aren’t all that pleasant, especially for little dogs. It is the staff at TLDH that make it stand out among dog daycare facilities. They are genuinely crazy about dogs — all dogs, and the warmth they exude is contagious. Getting to know these people, whose knowledge about dogs is impressive, has brought joy to our lives and to our dog’s life.

~ Karen & Ruby​

Oscar and Jazz have been going to The Little Dog House (Thursdays) for years now. After returning to work after a longterm sick leave, I was looking for something that would occupy them for one day a week, knowing that they had gotten used to my presence round the clock. It's not just a business, but a home away from home. They run a clean and loving facility. I am confident that when they are there, Oscar and Jazz are a part of their family. Both dogs are always happy to go there and tired when we go home! Oscar and Jazz had the opportunity to utilize the Sleepover Service with Lee and Garth this winter and both seemed unphased by the 5 day separation from me. I love how Lee, Garth and Renee are actively involved in tirelessly supporting dog rescue organizations. There is always an outpouring of support to these fundraisers they host, which is a testament to them. We've recently joined the Best Furry Friends Playgroup with Lisa and are enjoying meeting the other fur friends and their families. I'm so glad I dropped by 2 years ago and have never been sorry.

~ Liz, Oscar & Jazz

Kymba loves to spend time with the dogs at
The Little Dog House and with the people there too.
The Little Dog House is a blessing for any and all dogs.

~ Tracy & Kymba

The Little Dog House has truly been a blessing to our family, especially to Serena. Lee and Garth are two of the most amazing and awesome people that my husband I have ever met - and Serena loves them to pieces (especially Uncle Garth!). She has become so much more independent and happy since visiting The Little Dog House once a week - She's even playing with other pups! The second you say "Daycare" on Thursday mornings, she rushes to the door, ready to hop out and into the truck. When she gets to the door, she races inside as soon as Garth opens it. She comes home so happy and full of energy, always telling me about her day! She's also much more 'ok' with spending time away from me in other parts of the house, which is a huge step for her! One of the best choices we ever made was sending Serena to these wonderful people! Not only has she learned and grown so much, but we (and her) have made some pretty awesome friends in the process. Thank you Little Dog House!!

~ Cindy and Jeff