Training should be fun and pleasurable for both person and dog. 

The classes we offer are much more
​than basic obedience training for dogs.  Obedience classes are focused on training your dog to obey commands.  Both the words "obedience" and "command" have negative connotations.  And "training," when used in combination with them, can also be negative. 

We are all about the POSITIVE!  

For decades, much of dog training has
been based on now disproven theories
of dominance and hierarchy, which used negative techniques, punishment, 
​coercion, and intimidation to create relationships based on dominance and subjugation.  Even the word "leadership"
​is now being viewed negatively by many because of its association with out-dated techniques used to establish said leadership.

 There is movement today to bring about a conscious change
​in people's attitudes towards dog training.  ​


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Our training classes are open to all sizes, all breeds.


Our classes focus on building strong, mutually respectful partnerships between person and pet, as well as providing a better understanding of dogs.  We aim to teach people (not train dogs) how to use positive experiences and interactions, kindness,
and patience to teach a dog to think,
make choices, and behave well. 

We teach people the most modern and scientifically-based methods in which dogs learn to pay attention, listen, and behave well simply to please their person, because their person makes good things happen.