Jackie Hykaway

Jackie works weekdays, and her life happily revolves around giving the best care to her fur-kids, Rambo (Shih Tzu) and Chrissy (Pug cross), including daily walks, indoor play sessions, healthy food and treats, too many toys, outings, visits, playgroup, and events at The Little Dog House.

  Jackie has a dog-safe home with a fenced backyard for her guests to enjoy. She loves getting to know each dog as the individuals that they are, and is pleased as punch at all the joyful greetings she gets when her guests return for additional stays.

Tracy Young

Tracy is semi-retired which gives her lots of free time to spend with her best friend, Kymba,

a 5 year old West Highland Terrier. Tracy is a motorcycle enthusiast, and even has a safe seat

for Kymba on the back of her bike. Don't worry – Tracy's bike is only built for 2,

so no sleepover dogs will be going on a joy ride!

Tracy's daily ritual also includes walks, lots of play, training (Kymba has a repertoire of tricks) 

and visits with friends, including nannie Jackie, Rambo & Chrissy.  Tracy's home is dog-safe, complete with gates and MANY toys and puzzles. Tracy feeds high end, healthy – mostly gluten free – treats to Kymba and her friends. Tracy & Kymba are a great fit for higher energy dogs

who will enjoy Kymba's boundless energy, and Tracy's enthusiasm. 

Garth & Lee Wilcox

Lee and Garth are co-owners and operators of The Little Dog House Small Dog Center. Evenings and weekends, they are proprietors of Chez Wilcox Doggie Hotel where they open their dog-focused home, cozy bed, and big hearts to all their guests.  Chewie (Lhasa mix) and Brandie (Shih Tzu) work at the daycare and are very used to having dogs come for sleepovers.  

Double-gated entrance ways, lots of room to play and lounge, daily walks, and a large, fully fenced backyard for off-leash play make a stay a truly wonderful experience. 

Lee and Garth take their role as guardian seriously and think of themselves as Aunt and Uncle to their guests.  They especially love to provide the pack experience to dogs who live alone.  Guests are guaranteed to find camaraderie, affection, and fun.


The McLeods

Rick is in the Canadian Air Force, and Karen  is in security.  Their off-time revolves around their dogs Griffin (Brussels Griffon-Papillion cross) and Tess (Boston Terrier - Poodle cross).  Griffin is easy going, loves to run and play.  Tess is a bundle of energy, loves to fetch, and run like the wind. 

In addition to providing sleepover care, the McLeods have also provided ​longer term foster care for dogs in rescue. Both their dogs are very sociable having benefited from being members of playgroup, having sleepover guests, and foster dogs staying over.  With a large, dog-friendly space, daily walks, fully fenced backyard with a paddle pool and tunnels to play in, this is a fun and fantastic place to stay. 

The thing they love best about dog sitting is watching the interactions and play, getting to know each dog's personality, and witnessing how quickly their guests come to feel at home and become another member of the family.

Lisa McCaffrey

Lisa and her husband Greg share their River Heights home with 2 yorkies – "The Balboas" – Rocky & Adrian. 
Lisa is an expert on supervising dogs play – and she really enjoys encouraging good interactions and building their confidence as they learn to play with others. 
Your dog will enjoy all the activities that Lisa & Greg do with their dogs during their stay. It will be a fun time for them – a staycation just for the dogs!!