Leslie Goertz

​Leslie has always had a love for animals, and has had dogs all her life. 
She currently has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Reptar, and they do everything together. 
Reptar is a wonderful vacation buddy and will make your dog feel right at home on sleepovers.

Leslie works Wednesdays at the daycare, as she is a groomer at a local groomer that specializes in small dogs. Leslie & her partner Maxwell live in a pet friendly apartment, so your dog will need to follow some basic rules to hang out with Leslie & her family. 

Leslie treats every dog at daycare like her own, and enjoys having guests in her home so she can love them up even more!!

Garth & Lee Wilcox

Lee and Garth are co-owners and operators of The Little Dog House Small Dog Center. Evenings and weekends, they are proprietors of Chez Wilcox Doggie Hotel where they open their dog-focused home, cozy bed, and big hearts to all their guests.  Although their dog Chewie is retired from attending daycare, he is very used to having dogs over for sleepovers.  

Double-gated entrance ways, lots of room to play and lounge, daily walks, and a large, fully fenced backyard for off-leash play make a stay a truly wonderful experience. 

Lee and Garth take their role as guardian seriously and think of themselves as Auntie and Uncle
to their guests. They especially love to provide the pack experience to dogs who live alone. 
​Guests are guaranteed to find camaraderie, affection, and fun.