At some places, you are paying for a kennel only, others offer a small kennel area with access to an outdoor area. 
At many kennels, your dog spends most of the day alone in his area, visited by staff periodically throughout the day, and given some time in the run to exercise.  At some places, playtime, walks, medication-giving, and even cuddle ​time cost extra. 

Depending on budget, and /or temperament 
of the dog, this can often be the best arrangement for your dog in your absence, however, sociable, secure, well-socialized dogs may benefit more from a different kind 
of setting and this is what we aim to provide.

Sleepovers have limited availability, and if you are interested, we suggest you book well in advance.   If staff is unable to provide sleepovers, we have trusted Nannies who are often able to open up their homes to dogs needing a place to stay.  If your dog is to stay with a nanny, you will meet the Nanny before confirming your booking.

We will accommodate special diets and medications at no extra charge.  

The dogs are treated just like our own,  Occasionally, this may mean they are left at home alone while we step out temporarily. 
If so, they are crated, or placed in a dog-proofed room based on your preference. 
We are never gone for very long as we do not like to leave our own small dogs alone for long.  ​Rest assured, your dogs will be treated exactly like one of our family. 

Contact Lee by email at: 

Include your dog's name, breed, dates requested, and your phone number.  

All bookings must be made through
The Little Dog House. After an initial sleepover, future stays will occur with the same nannie whenever possible.

Rates in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas for boarding, kennelling, and upscale sleepovers range from $20 / dog / night to $100 / dog / night depending on the type of facilities, services, and activities offered.  Sleepover Rates at The Little Dog House
​are mid-range.   

Our prices are $55-60 per night depending on length of stay.


Sleepovers at The Little Dog House 
are open to all dogs regularly 
attending daycare.