Dogs Need Other Dogs! 
Dogs are social animals.  They enjoy company.  Just like people need human contact, dogs need dog contact.  

IMAGINE a world where you rarely saw another human being and hardly had the chance to interact with someone like yourself, to make a connection, to feel
a sense of kinship and belonging. 
No matter how grand a life a dog may
​be living, dogs who do not get to regularly socialize with their own kind are missing something in their lives.


Hours – Monday - Friday  630 am - 6 pm

We are also happy to accommodate
​special requests whenever possible. 
*Fees apply for late pick ups.

Ease Loneliness, Boredom, and Separation Anxiety 

Boredom - without a doubt dogs do get bored with nothing to do and no one to do it with all day.  Boredom often leads to destructive behaviours such as: chewing, digging, property damage, destruction of toys, eating inedible items, potty accidents, inappropriate soiling, nail-biting, excessive licking, and more.  Attending our dog daycare and other activities will give your dog the companionship, attention, mental and physical stimulation that it needs to fight off boredom and lead a more interesting life.

Separation Anxiety -  can be a serious issue and it is not the same as loneliness or boredom.  It has an element of panic to it.  Signs vary, and can include fearfulness, worry, inability to settle down, barking, yelping, whining, pacing, panting, jumping, destructive behaviours, inappropriate urination and defecation, vomiting, diarrhea, excess salivation, depression, and even aggression when the dog thinks it is about to be left alone.  A dog may display many or few of these signs when experiencing separation anxiety.  Being surrounded by other dogs and having the attention of people at daycare can provide the relief and company your dog needs.  

All dogs must attend a Meet and Greet and be accepted into daycare before they can secure a booking.  Unscheduled drop-ins cannot be accommodated. Contact us at ​to book a date to come on out and meet us.

Puppies - must be at least 3 months of age and should have had their second set of vaccinations 10 days prior to beginning daycare.  Although vaccinations are no guarantee a dog will not pick up that which they have been vaccinated against, the chances are greatly decreased.  Please talk to us about starting daycare with regards to spays / neuters.  We also highly recommend that puppies wanting to join daycare take Puppy Socialization classes.

Please note: We currently have a short wait list for certain daycare days.

Little Dogs Only - The Little Dog House Daycare is only for small dogs –  up to 30 lbs and approximately 14" at the withers (shoulders to feet). 

Big dogs are special too, but little dogs and big dogs, although the same in many ways, are also different in many other ways. 
Plus, not all small dogs, nor their owners,
are keen on mixing little dogs with big dogs (and vice-versa), even when the other dogs are happy and playful, or they are separated by fences or walls.

Your small dog will be able to play safely amongst dogs of similar size only.  Little dogs who are intimidated by the size and loudness of larger dogs will not have to feel stressed over the presence of big dogs. 
​It has also been our experience that shy dogs come further out of their shells when amongst same-sized canine companions.  

Rates - prices range from $21 - $31 for one dog depending on duration of stay and discount packages available.  

Multiple dog discounts available for dogs living in the same household.​

Daycare is not just about dog sitting. 
It is not just for dogs left alone all day. 
Nor is it about convenience.  It is not even
all about the play.  It is all about being together with other dogs and daycare is something good you do for your dog.  It is about learning to be sociable, making friends, building confidence, and gaining independence.  It's about feeling whole and a sense of belonging with one's own kind. 
​No more loneliness.  No more boredom. 

Cozy & Intimate Space - The Little Dog House provides a cozy, intimate space
for little dogs to romp and rest amongst same-size playmates.

We chose to make our operation an intimate one, suitable to small dogs, but also to shyer, quiet dogs who might get overwhelmed at larger gymnasium-style daycare facilities. We have experience
​with Rescue Dogs and Puppy-mill Survivors, as well.

Playroom - we have 1,200 square feet of play area where dogs who like to wrestle and run can happily do so.  There is a large overhead door which is gated off and can be opened for fresh air and sunlight. 

Quiet Room - we also have a space for dogs who like to cuddle up and rest, or for shy, quiet dogs who prefer peaceful companionship to rambunctious play.

Loneliness - although dogs do need more sleep than humans do, and spend extra hours in the daytime snoozing, experts agree that dogs experience feelings of loneliness when left alone for too long or too often.  Daycare is a way to provide your dog with companionship, both 2-legged and 4-legged, to ease any feelings of loneliness your dog may be dealing with when you are away. 

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Daycare Hours:
Monday to Friday  630am – 6pm

CLOSED all Statutory Holidays